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YesChat is a real alternative to any kind of a mobile messenger! YesChat stands out from competitors with the new fresh design and functionality. We rely on proven algorithms and encrypt your data in YesChat. It also allows you to chat with your friends, send them photos and images with a time delay or a view time, send videos or share them. It’s sure enough, that the voice message function is also integrated into YesChat. You can access with YesChat all your photos and contacts on different devices and smartphones, as often and as long as you wish. You can restore your contacts regardless of the operating system from the cloud. You can create groups and send text messages and images to friends and acquaintances. You can decide who will be allowed to see the sent images and for how long these images are going to be available for viewing. These and many other bells and whistles are waiting for you in this application! Say YES to YesChat right now! 100% FREE & NO ADS! YesChat is free and will remain free, without advertising or subscription fees. RELIABLE! YesChat is the most reliable messaging system that’s been ever designed to transmit your message with as little traffic.


Enjoy outstanding features available in YesChat!

Group chat

Group chat allows you to chat with friends and send images to your group members! You can also manage your group members list as well as group settings!

Image sending

Now you have an ability to share your images with your own settings such as time delay or view time! Your friends will receive your images at the preset time and on a preset date and only you decide how long they will be displayed. You can share images and allow re-sharing to other chat members or restrict this action. Everything is up to you! You can share your photos to Facebook directly. Photos can be shared remaining pixelated. WIth pixelation your pictures are protected from other users on Facebook. This function can save third-party images. When you click pixelated photos on Facebook you are routed directly to the YesChat or to the YesChat Website.


Now you can be sure that your messages won't be read by those who don't need to read them. Just set the Lock Pattern function and enjoy your private communication! For those who want maximum privacy there is a functionality that removes the expired images, so that there are no more traces of these images. Chats use an end-to-end encryption, to ensure that a message can be read only by the intended recipient.

Pictures management

You can manage your received images and see all of their presets. You always know how many times you have shared any particular image, how many people received it and what view time and schedule settings you had set! Now managing your sent images is an easy task. You can even delete a shared image and it will be deleted in all of the chats it has been sent to!